Woodland Pastures of Clark County

Clark County Kentucky is in the Inner and Outer Bluegrass (map). The Outer Bluegrass farms are on steeper hills than in the Inner Bluegrass and are primarily cattle farms. There are extensive and thriving woodland pastures on many of these farms. However, there is little natural reproduction of the ancient trees. The woodland pastures of Clark County will disappear without strong conservation efforts.  We plan to begin mapping and assessing the woodland pastures of Clark County with the cooperation of landowners.

We are planning a winter field course in the woodland pastures of Clark County and the wonderful nature preserve at Lower Howard Creek. The course will include an introduction to winter tree identification.  We will announce the winter schedule in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy these photos of southern Clark County.

Venable Farm Wood Pastures-9776-EditClark County Wood Pastures