Why it matters

The goal of Venerable Trees, Inc is to conserve woodland pastures in rural areas and to preserve ancient trees in urban developments whenever possible. We recognize that it is not always possible to preserve every ancient tree in a development. However, there should be a public discussion before any tree is removed. The bur oak on Old Schoolhouse Lane was preserved only because citizens became aware of the threat of development to the tree and acted to preserve it. All discussions about venerable trees in urban areas should be public.

Here is an example where that did not happen. This huge old blue ash was there one day, and gone four days later. It had some stem defects, and saving it may not have been possible. However, the destruction of this tree took place with no public awareness or discussion.


Picture of an ancient blue ash in a construction area

Picture of a construction zone after tree removal



Note: This tree is the logo of Venerable Trees and serves as a reminder of what we are losing.VenTreesLogo_Tree600