Walking Tour of Trees at Bell Court

Ginkgo tree killed by stem damage
Ginkgo tree on the brink of death due to lower stem damage.

Many people have expressed concern about the poor condition of trees in Lexington parks.  To help concerned citizens understand the nature of the problem and see some solutions, we are holding a walking tour of trees and tree condition at Bell Place Park in Bell Court, Lexington.   The tour is from 10 to 12 on Saturday, October 11.  No registration is required and there is no charge.

The tour will be conducted by Dave Leonard, the most experienced arborist in Lexington, and Tom Kimmerer, a tree physiologist who is Chief Scientist at Venerable Trees.  We will look at all the trees in the park and teach participants how to recognize the signs and symptoms of tree damage and decline.

For those who are interested and have some walking energy left after the Bell Place tour, we may be able to continue with a walk through some other areas of downtown to look at tree condition, with a stop for lunch somewhere.

Bell Place Park is at the corner of Sayre Avenue and Bell Court.  Here is a map: