A visit to Oakland Farm

Measuring a tree
Doug Witt, Laura Greenfield and Tim Diachun measuring an old bur oak at Oakland Farm

If you go to Lexington or Paris farmers’ markets, you may know Oakland Farm, “Home of the $10 Tree”  Tim Diachun, our business manager, and I spent a wonderful afternoon at the farm with the owners, Doug Witt and Laura Greenfield.

Oakland Farm is not named for the trees they grow in their nursery, but for the absolutely spectacular woodland pastures that meander through the 700+ acre farm.  Oakland Farm is a multi-generation family livestock farm, in operation since 1876.  Last year, Doug and his niece Laura began a small tree nursery, growing seedlings of native Kentucky trees for the local market.  They are filling a very important market need for seedling trees, and we will have much more to say about that in the near future.  For now, we want to focus on the woodland pastures.

Many Bluegrass farms have woodland pastures of ancient trees that predate the settlement of the region.  What stands out about Oakland farm is not just the large number of trees but the incredible character of each one.  These trees are very old and have taken on the typical appearance of very old trees – gnarled branches, many of them broken, the stems often leaning because of shifts in the soil. Rather than just tell you about them, we’ll let you feast your eyes on them.

We really appreciate the enthusiasm of Doug and Laura both for their ancient trees and for their new tree nursery.  Our hope is the Venerable Trees and Oakland Farm are beginning a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Scroll down to see more pictures of Oakland Farm’s amazing trees.

chinkapin oak
An ancient, gnarled chinkapin oak at Oakland Farm


bur oak
A leaning bur oak at Oakland Farm


A beautiful kingnut at Oakland Farm
blue ash tree
Old blue ash on a hill at Oakland Farm
bur oak
Another one of Oaklands great bur oaks