Woodland Pastures

Friday Tree – A Woodland Pasture Quiz

The Woodland Pasture, or Wood Pasture, habitat is one of the rarest landscapes in the world. Here are four, in different places. See if you can identify the location. The person with the best answer will get an 8×10 print of a woodland pasture photograph (Note: we will be sending out pictures to donors and […]

Friday Tree

Friday Tree

The Friday Tree for this week is either dead easy or very difficult – let’s find out, shall we?  What tree is this?   Place your comments below.

Friday Tree

Friday Tree May Stump You

The Friday Tree for this week may stump some of you, but it is not really very hard. Give it a try in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. (click for a much larger picture)

Friday Tree - What tree is this?

Friday Tree – The Oak Conundrum

The Friday Tree for this week is an introduction to several articles about oaks coming up next week at Venerable Trees. Oaks form the foundation of the forests of eastern North America. In abundance, size, diversity and usefulness, no other eastern tree comes close. There are fifty oak species in eastern North America, and oaks […]

Friday Tree

Here is a rather tricky Friday Tree for you. What tree is this? Where does it come from?