Stems for STEM


Venerable Trees, Inc. and Andrea James, together with other partners soon to be named,  are pleased to announce a new program to involve kids on the North Side of Lexington in nature study and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects.

measuring tree age

The program is called Stems for STEM.  Lexington parks are home to an exceptionally large number of very large, very old trees.  These trees are nearing the end of their natural life cycles and need to be replaced.  Stems for STEM will work with kids to:

  • Measure ancient trees in our parks, using math tools including algebra and geometry, to measure tree diameter, height, volume and carbon storage;
  • Evaluate the age of ancient trees using the tools of dendrochronology (aging by tree rings);
  • Identify tree species in our parks;
  • Evaluate tree and site conditions and look for signs of decay, damage, insects and diseases, soil quality and other indicators of tree health;
  • Use GPS tools to map trees and other objects in our park, using a GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to develop computer skils;
  • Learn about the cultural history of trees in our parks by interviewing park users and folks who have lived in the neighborhoods for a long time;
  • Learn how to plant and care for trees;
  • Learn the principles of urban forest management.

The overall goal of the program is to get kids involved in nature and urban forestry, but also to introduce them to the excitement of STEM through the application of scientific principles to tree evaluation and management.

Stems for STEM is in the organization stage right now. We will announce updates to the project as it develops.  If you are interested in working with us on this project, please let us know using the Contact form.