Ohio Trees & Forests

Photo of an Ohio landscape

Ohio’s forests in 2021

This is a map of forest cover and forest types in the United States in 2019 from the US Forest Service. Ohio is 30% forested, with most of the forests in the southern half of the state. Map of forest cover of the United States

Ohio Forest Statistics 2019

Data on Ohio’s forests from 2019. These data are from the Forest Inventory and Analysis system (FIA) and are regularly updated. FIA is a rich source of information and is worthy of exploration.

Palmer Drought Index

The Palmer Drought Severity Index is a long-term measure of both precipitation and soil moisture. It is an excellent predictor of tree growth. This figure is for June 2020, showing very high moisture in Ohio. This holds true for nearly any month in the last few years: we are in a pluvial. Palmer Drought Severity Index June 2020