Great Trees of Jessamine County

Jessamine County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Kentucky. A bedroom community for Lexington, it is also increasingly a center for business and manufacturing. In spite of this growth, much of Jessamine County retains its rural flavor. Some of the finest woodland pastures in the Bluegrass can be found in northern Jessamine County.  Locations like the Robinson Farm and Chaumiere des Prairies are home to magnificent ancient trees. Our research has recently shown that some of these sites are probably unchanged for thousands of years. Remarkably, the farmers who settled these locations saw no need to disturb the woodland pastures or the deep, rich soils.
To whet your appetite, here is a gallery of trees from around Jessamine County.  On March 19, Venerable Trees will hold a Field Course in Jessamine County and will reveal, for the first time, some of the remarkable history of the woodland pastures and farms of the county. Please join us.
Scroll down for a gallery of Jessamine County trees.

Jessamine County, Kentucky