Tom Kimmerer, PhD

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Venerable Trees

To learn more about trees and forests in the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin and the Venerable Trees book, please visit the Venerable Trees section.

Tree Stories and More

We regularly post stories about trees, especially about the biology of trees, in the Stories section or visit the What Do Trees Know? section.


For 2020, most of our public events will be online, except for a few live events for socially distanced and masked small groups. See the Events Schedule.

Sycamore flowers

Creation Care

We have begun a section on Creation Care, the faith-based obligation to care for the Earth. This section will be expanded soon. Visit the Creation Care section.

The Oak Barrel

Some people are coming here because of my recent podcasts, webinars, essays and other stories about oak barrels and whisky. Visit the Barrels page (coming soon).

Bur oak acorn