Finding Left-Behind Trees

The Ingleside Oak
The Ingleside Oak

Finding left-behind trees can be the start of an urban adventure.  As our woodland pastures were developed into urban areas, most of the trees of woodland pastures were cut down. A few remained, usually as single trees in a parking lot or front yard.  Here’s where the adventure comes in: when we find a single tree and take some time wandering around, we often find more.

Tree near the Ingleside Oak
A bur oak behind the Ingleside Oak

So it is with the Ingleside Oak on S. Broadway in Lexington.  I have known this tree for many years, but only recently took the opportunity to wander the neighborhood near the tree.  The search was rewarded, as we found about a dozen trees representing the original woodland pasture trees of Ingleside Manor.

Clusters of trees are found in other areas as well. In Ecton Park are two old blue ash trees, but the neighborhood around the park has over a dozen trees in front and back yards.

Old bur oak in an abandoned lot
Old oak in an abandoned lot behind the Ingleside Oak

The next time you find a Left-Behind Tree, we hope you’ll take the time to look around for others. And be sure to tell us about them.